5 content creators you should follow

I love sharing what I like, whether that is a blogpost that I really loved, a video that I enjoyed or a photo I adored. Sharing is caring right?! Especially in a time when Instagram is making it harder for content creators to grow with their algorithm, and when YouTube is demonetizing lots of smaller channels, and when it’s getting harder and harder for bloggers to be seen and heard. I think it’s important to share and spread the love. And why not, it’s fun! A while ago, when I first started this little blog I did a post called ‘An ode to Bookstagram‘ in which I shared lots of Bookstagrammers that I really loved – and still do obviously, so please check that out as well if you haven’t seen it. Today I want to share not only bookstagrammers, but also booktubers, and bloggers; content creators.

With Niki

The first content creator that I really think you should follow is Niki from the blog With Niki (and Bookstagram with the same name). I recently found her blog through Bookstagram and she writes the most relatable and handy posts. She has written about the Instagram algorithm, but she also does bookreviews and things like that. The post that I really want to mention is the one about working with brands as a content creator, really spot on and interesting to read. Also, I love the look of her blog!

Book Sundays

I mentioned Imogen from Book Sundays in my post recommending bookstagrammers, but now I want to share her BookTube channel. I’ve really been enjoying her videos a lot and she has become one of my favourite booktubers out there. She makes videos that give you something to think about, like the video she’s just put up about reading goals, and she also does bookhauls, bookreviews and that sort of stuff.

What’s Hot

Laura is the blogger behind What’s Hot, and again I found her through Instagram (go follow her on the gram as well!) This is another blog that looks very stunning and her content is just as appealing. The first post I read from here was a Behind the Instagram scenes post that was so funny. I really liked it, and that made me follow her blog. She also does more Lifestyle-ish posts and travel posts.


A bookstagrammer that I really want to mention is Anabel a Bookstagrammer from New York that I recently found; @inthebookcorner. Her photos are literally #goals. Also, she’s really great in doing sockphotos. Her latest one is gorgeous!

A Clockwork Reader

I’m sure most of you already know Hannah and her BookTube channel A Clockwork Reader, but for those who don’t, go and follow her! I’ve been watching her videos for a while now and she’s great. I love her content, but also she has a really soothing, easy to listen to voice. Sometimes she does these bookstore vlogs, which I really enjoy. There’s just something nice about someone taking you along to a bookstore on YouTube.

There are loads more creative people out there worth sharing, but let’s keep it at that for now. I’ll probably do these kinds of posts regularly from now on, and also I’m thinking of making a blogroll, either on a separate page or in the sidebar with people I think you should follow. So yeah, again: Sharing is caring!

Who would you recommend me to follow?


  1. Avatar January 18, 2018 / 04:53

    Awesome! I love this post. I think it’s so important to share the love, since the Instagram feed is doing us no favors!

    • Lisanne
      January 24, 2018 / 12:51

      I completely agree, thanks for reading!

  2. Avatar January 18, 2018 / 07:26

    Thank you so much for the recommendations! I’ve only just discovered the world of book bloggers so I am eager to check out these ladies 🙂

    • Lisanne
      January 24, 2018 / 12:51

      My pleasure, I hope you’ll find some you love!

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