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You probably know by now that I’ve recently redone my room completely. It’s such a cozy place now. My parents’ bedroom needed a little update as well, and Poster Store was kind enough to send me a bunch of posters and frames. Most of them I gave to my parents, a couple I kept for myself and one is now wrapped up under the tree to give to a certain someone for Christmas.

For my parents, I wanted to get some posters that were calm, had blue tones and suited them. They mostly have blue accessories in their bedroom and natural-toned walls so I felt like that was the best way to go. There is one poster that I just had to get, it has a blue Volkswagen van on it. So it fits the blue theme ánd my dad happens to love those vans. I also got a pineapple print, again my dad likes those.

And then on my mum’s side of the bed, I got a misty mountain type poster and a very simple one with an olive branch on it. I just thought she’d really love them. We actually have a little olive tree in the garden and my mum is as obsessed with Italy as I am, so that’s a little hint to that.

Opposite of the bed I got them two more lovely posters. A tiny one of a blue flower branch looks a little bit like an orchid. And another misty one, these beautiful green hills, I got this one for myself as well. They’re probably going to paint this wall early next year, and I think these posters will look even better than. Imagine these on a light blue/ grey toned wall. That’ll look so good!

The next one is this amazing Hogwarts Express poster. I saw this and I fell in love! I like myself some Harry Potter so I had to get this. I also found the best place for it, besides my bookcase, just below all my Harry Potter books. Perfect!

Last but not least, I got this nice reed grass poster. At first, I wanted to get some real reed grass for my room. Until I found out that they are not only expensive but that they also leave fluff everywhere. This poster is a way better option! Love how this looks.

I would definitely recommend getting some posters on the Poster Store. They have a wonderful selection of different types of posters in different sizes, the shipping is quick, the quality is nice ánd the service is good. One of the frames got damaged during shipping, but they immediately replaced it, so that’s really good! Their frames come in different shapes and sizes as well and they have acrylic glass instead of real glass. This is a lot less breakable and also less heavy!

If you’re interested in any of the posters in this post, these are the ones I got:

Surf Van
Pineapple Crown
Misty Mountains
Over the Hill
Blue Leaves
Hogwarts Express
Reed grass

I’m very happy that I got to work with Poster Store, but I’m even more happy that I am doing a giveaway with them too! You can now win a gift card worth 50 euros on my Instagram! Check out the post to find out how you can win this amazing prize!

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  1. Avatar December 17, 2019 / 23:16

    Those are all cute — I especially love the one with the VW Bus and the Hogwarts Express one ♥ Those are two of my favorite things!

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