Best concert ever; Shawn Mendes The Tour

Shawn Mendes, I haven’t been a fan of him for too long. But after he released his latest album I was sold. So when he announced his tour, I just had to get tickets. I got them, and I had to wait for months and months and months. As it usually goes with concerts these days. But last Friday the day was finally there. And honestly, this was such an epic concert. Definitely up there in my top 3 fave concerts. Shawn is more than just a girl magnet who sings songs about love. He is a true musician; his vocals are insane and his guitar play is also fantastic. I wish I could go back to the concert, it was that good. Luckily I still have all the footage I took.

The evening started with Alessia Cara opening for Shawn, which was super nice. I love Alessia Cara, she is a great singer. She opened for Coldplay in 2016, which was my first ever concert. I didn’t know her back then, but I immediately liked her after that. So I was very excited that she was opening for Shawn now as well. Though I feel like she could do her own tour by now.

And then Shawn came on. I barely made it, because I was stuck in a line for the merch – got myself a wristband. But luckily I got back in time. The whole concert was a whirlwind. I expected it to be good, I just didn’t expect it to be this good I guess. I also really really loved the staging. There was a B stage very close to me, which was so cool, and it had a giant rose on it that lit up. It just looked so awesome. And let’s not forget all the LED wristbands that everyone got at the entrance. Everyone was wearing them and they lit up during the songs in various colours. It looked so amazing! I have to say my favourite songs during the concert were probably Ruin, Why and Where Were You In The Morning. But let’s be honest, every single song was great.

He also did a cover of Fix You by Coldplay. You probably know how much I love Coldplay by now, and Fix You is one of my most favourite songs ever. So to hear him cover it, was just phenomenal. It even made me tear up a little bit.

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