Booklovers on IG: @Womanon

At the beginning of the year, I introduced a new series on this blog; Booklovers on IG. For some reason, I haven’t continued this series. Until today that is! Because today I’m happily featuring Manon from the wonderful account @Womanon here. She is a fellow Dutchie and I just love her Autumnal (and right now Christmas) themed pictures!

Why did you start bookstagram?

About three years ago I finally got back into reading a bit. I was browsing a bit on Instagram and came across photos of books. This was the first time I ‘discovered’ Bookstagram, and immediately fell in love. I decided to try and make my own photos, and over the years I developed my skills and style.

What do you like most about bookstagram?

It might be cliché, but I’m absolutely in love with the community. I love how supportive (most) people are, and how everyone is always willing to help each other. I have made some great friends over the years that I met through Bookstagram!

What is the oddest thing you have ever done for your bookstagram?

I haven’t done very odd things for bookstagram in my opinion, but two of the “craziest” things were painting my arm completely black, and the other one was making a huge phoenix out of tea.

What is your goal for the next six months?

I hope to grow in making content that I love, and I also hope to learn more when it comes to photography. There’s still so much to learn for me! I also want to be more comfortable with my style.

The ultimate tip for a bookstagrammer who’s just starting out?

This is probably a super cliché answer, but keep taking photos! I have learned a lot simply by taking photos and doing it consequently (so once a week). Another thing is to keep exploring on Instagram. There are so many amazing bookstagram accounts out there! I get daily inspiration from them, and it has certainly influenced my feed and growth.

What is your favourite picture that you ever took?

This is probably the hardest question of all. Let me scroll back through my feed real quick and have a look… I actually have two that I really like. The first one is from the third of August. When I shot this photo, everything was just right: the lighting, the composition, the editing. Happy me! The other one is from 24 December, Christmas Eve. I was really unhappy with my photos, and just started a new theme and a completely new way of editing. This photo just captured exactly what I was going for, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Equipment: Nikon 5300
Favourite editing app: VSCO and sometimes Lightroom
Favourite prop: Especially in autumn I love using sweaters and all colours brown! I also love to incorporate nature in my photos. Pinecones, baby’s breath, leaves, pumpkins during fall… I love to go foraging for new things!
Your style: An eternal autumn aesthetic

Which other bookstagrammers would you recommend we follow?

This highly depends on what kind of photos you like. I myself like very aesthetic/brown photos, so some accounts I totally love in this area are @julybookshelf, @stefiereads, @marleyreads. Other bookstagrams I really adore are @kathrin_the_dreamer, @myfriendsarefiction, @bookslovereaders. But honestly, I know already I’m forgetting people. There are sooo many great accounts out there! I couldn’t possibly list them all here.

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