Chitchat: Christmas baking & recipe book

Hi there, how has your Christmas been? I hope you all had a lovely time, despite everything that’s going on right now. I must say that I had a fairly normal Christmas. We usually don’t celebrate it with loads of people so we were able to invite the people we normally would within the corona restrictions. The only odd thing was having to keep distance, and sitting two meters apart at the dinner table. But other than that it was quite normal and a lot of fun. This year I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Bakind and cooking… and while I’m not a good cook at all, I did help out my dad with Christmas dinner. And it turned out great.

As I said, I did a lot of baking this year. I baked some Christmas cookies, which I do each year, but this time I used a different – better – recipe and I even decorated them with some royal icing, which I had never done before. They turned out great, better as expected to be honest, I was a little frightened that I would totally mess up the icing, but it was ok! Then I also made a bundt cake, well two actually, because the first one did not come out of the baking tin…. lesson learned, grease your baking tins people! Then I made a brownie for the first time ever, and omg it was so good. I actually made it for our dessert, a trifle with brownie and Dutch stroopwafels. But we only needed like a quarter of the brownie for it, so I’ve been having brownie after Christmas. And I’m definitely going to make it more often, well probably not too often because my goodness what a chocolate bomb.

I didn’t only bake over Christmas, I have been baking more these past few months. Which also means that I have accumulated quite a few recipes. And I actually got send something really cool the other day, a recipe book! It’s a recipe book by the Dutch food blog Lekker & Simpel, from which I actually use quite a few recipes. In this book, I can actually write down my recipes. It also comes with loads of stickers and things which I think is really nice. I’m definitely going to do this soon, it would be really nice to have all the recipes that I use in one place so I can always find them. Because now I have some on my phone, some printed out, they’re all over. For the Dutchies, you can read more about this recipe book over here!

Isn’t it cute? I really like it! You can really get creative with it; add in pictures, attempt some hand lettering to make it all look pretty. The book also comes with a little separate notebook that you can use to write down your week menu in. Thanks to the publisher for sending it to me!

So tell me, how has your Christmas been? And also, I want to wish you all a very happy 2021. Let’s hope the new year will be better than the year we leave behind.

Happy New Year!

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