Coldplay’s new album Everyday Life

As you may or may not know, I’m a huge Coldplay fan. Out of all the artists and bands I listen to, Coldplay is definitely up there at number 1. They’re just amazing. In 2016 I went to their concert, my first concert actually, which was unbelievable. It may have been my first concert, but I still consider it to be the best concert I’ve ever been to. And now, Coldplay released a new album. FINALLY. It’s been a long long time, their last album A Head Full of Dreams was released in 2015, so yeah it was about time for a new album. Everyday Life released on the 22nd of November and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. I wasn’t planning on writing about it, but I just had to. I think we can call this the best album Coldplay has ever made!

It may not be for everyone, it’s kind of a strange album and it’s a bit alternative, but I absolutely love it. It goes from pop, to rock, to soul, to gospel and everything in between. On the day it was released they did a livestream on YouTube from Jordan playing the album live. They did the first half of the album – which is called Sunrise – at 6AM local time (5AM for me) and the second half – Sunset – at sunset. So I got up at 5:45AM for it, I mean if that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is. The livestream was amazing, and it just goes to show what an epic band Coldplay is and how creative they are. They timed it perfectly with the sunrise and the sunset and it was just magical.

So the album itself, I can’t possibly pick a favourite song. They’re all really good. I do have a couple songs that I gravitate towards more but I honestly can’t pick one. Trouble in Town is definitely one of my favourites. I love how the song builds up and I also really love the message it sends. It’s about racism and how non-white people are treated, especially in the US I think because it features a recording of a police officer profiling and being horrible to an innocent black man. This whole album is about everything that is wrong in the world, I guess it’s the album we all needed right now.

Then there is Daddy, which makes me emotional each time I listen to it. It’s a really slow piano ballad, very vulnerable. It’s a very personal song for Chris Martin. His dad left him en that’s what the song is about. It just makes me cry, in a way it reminds me a lot of O from the album Ghost Stories which is my favourite Coldplay song ever and also always makes me cry. I love that they made another song like that.

Arabesque is also up there. One of the first songs they released and I straight away loved it. It’s super long 5:40, which is refreshing and most of the song is actually instrumental. Definitely different for Coldplay, but it’s so good. I love love love the saxophones on this and again I love how it slowly builds up.

Next song I want to talk about is Guns. Where Arabesque is super long, this one is super short. But the message is so strong. It’s about gun violence, it’s pretty clear that Coldplay heavily dislikes the gun laws in the US. So do I!

The radio single of this album is definitely Orphans. I guess this song is most like the stuff we’re used to hearing from Coldplay. This song definitely feels like a warm bath. It sounds really cheerful, but the subject isn’t. This one is about refugees that just want to find a home and be normal and be happy again. This song just makes you want to move and sing along!

The second radio single of the album is Everyday Life; the title song. This is basically a summary of the whole album. It’s about everything that’s wrong in this world again. It’s beautiful and the ending is just magnificent. The perfect ending to this album!

Don’t get me wrong, I love every song on this album. But these are the ones that stand out for me I guess. Have you listened to the album yet? Let me know what you think! In my opinion, it’s a masterpiece!

Do you like the album?

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