Creating a Gallery Wall with Desenio

Whenever I’d see images of gallery walls on Instagram or on Pinterest I’d fall in love. Not that I’d ever be able to create such a thing… Since my room was a. small and b. had so much stuff on the walls already. I had stuff on the walls just to cover up previous holes of other things I had up once… It was a bloody mess I can tell you that much. But now that my room has had a fresh coat of paint and therefore all the holes have been filled up I could finally create some sort of gallery wall. For this post, I’m working together with Desenio who have kindly send me some of their posters and frames.

Step 1… deciding which posters I was going to pick. And this wasn’t easy, Desenio has a lot of beautiful posters in all sorts of different styles. The most important thing for me was to make sure that they’d all match and that they wouldn’t be too in your face. My walls are now painted green, so I also wanted them to match that colour. I ended up with a combination of green and yellow-tinted posters and the main theme being nature. I love these all so much. I knew that I wanted to get some mustard yellow items for my room, to break up the green a bit, so I figured it would be a good idea to get some yellow in the posters as well.

Instead of creating one big gallery wall, I decided to break it up a bit. I’ve hung a couple of them on the wall, and I’ve also put two up on a shelf. I have a small room, so I think this was the best way to go. I really like how it turned out.

If you ask me which my favourite of these is, I couldn’t tell you. I love them all. I love the one with the Tuscan trees on it, since I’ve been to Tuscany multiple times myself and it’s one of my favourite places in the world. So that one is a bit personal I’d say. I’m also obsessed with the Northern Lights one. The colours of that particular poster match really well with my walls and it’s just a beautiful picture. I hope to see it in real life one day. Until then I can admire it on my walls. The botanical one was an obvious choice for me. People call me a crazy plant lady, so I might as well prove them right. I love that this one looks so vintage. The poster with the abstract green brushstrokes is also a winner. It’s a really calm one and it ties everything together. And then last but not least, the mustard yellow poster. It’s so pretty, it goes really well together with the Tuscan one, and I just love the yellow. It just looks so good on my green wall.

What I love about Desenio is that you can get most posters in any size you’d like. I went for two posters in 30×40 and three in 21×30. You can also get frames in different colours. Initially I just wanted to get them all in black, but in the end, I opted for a mix of black and oak frames. I’m so happy I did that. The quality of them is really nice as well, they have acrylic glass instead of real glass and they have the easiest clips. I absolutely hate it when photo frames have those icky things on the back that you have to flick up. I always hurt my fingers and break some nails while doing that. Not with these though, you can slide these in. Way easier!

The posters I got:

Tuscany Trees
Iceland Northern Lights
Vintage Print Collection No5
Green Abstraction No1
Winter Morning

If you’d like to get some posters for yourself, or as a Christmas gift for someone, I have a discount code for you. If you use the code ‘OHMYBOOK’ at checkout you’ll get 25% off. (Not on frames and handpicked/personalised posters) This code is valid until 23:59 (CET) on the 5th of December. The code can be used worldwide.

Little tip if you want to create your own gallery wall, save all the posters you like to a Pinterest board and see how they all look together. And then if you’ve made a selection, add them to Photoshop (or another editing programme) and arrange them in the way you’d like. I made a little collage of the ones I had picked and put my new wall colour as the background. That way it was really easy to envision what it would look like.


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