DIY: Dried orange slices for Christmas

Something I wanted to do last year but never did, is drying oranges. I’ve had some dried orange slices for years that I once bought in the store. But they’re honestly ready to throw away now. And instead of buying some new ones, I really wanted to do it myself. It’s extremely easy, it’s fun to do, ánd it makes your house smell super Christmassy. So it would be a shame not to share how to do this with you guys!

First off, you’re going to need some oranges. I got a net with 2kg oranges. Preheat your oven at a 100 degrees celsius. Then you’re just going to cut slices out of each orange. I got about 6 slices per orange. Use a sharp knife and try to cut straight. Then use some kitchen towel to dap the slices dry a bit. After you’ve done that put the slices on either a baking tray lined with baking paper or on a grid. Both options work, I actually used two baking trays and one grid for all of my slices. The ones on the grid go a bit quicker so you will have to keep an eye out for that because you don’t want your oranges to go too brown.

Now the waiting game begins. Pop your orange slices into the oven and set a timer for 3 hours. Yes, this is going to take a while! You also have to make sure to check on your oranges every half hour and to turn them over. After 3 hours your oranges should be fairly dry, but it is best to let them air dry a bit longer, maybe overnight. The next day they will be perfect to use! When they’re done they will have shrunken in size and they’ll have a warm orange colour, they will go a little darker and browner over time.

Now, what can you use these for? Well, basically everything! I’ve put some in my green garland, I’ve also made a little garland out of just these slices, I’ve used some for gift wrapping, I use them for my Instagram pictures, I randomly distributed some around the house ánd I’m planning to use some on the table for our Christmas dinner! I absolutely loved doing this ánd I love the result.

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