In my bloom, the new name

Hiya, and welcome to my renewed blog. As in, it has a new name… I’ve been wanting to change the name Oh My Book for a while now. Not because I didn’t love it, but merely because this blog and all of my other channels aren’t just about books anymore. So I figured it was time for something that would suit what I’m doing a bit more.

It wasn’t easy to find a decent new name. I wanted something that I would love, that would make sense and above all; it needed to be available on Instagram and as a .com domain. Trust me, a lot of the names I came up with were already taken. Which is the most frustrating thing ever. So you can understand my excitement when I came up with ‘In my bloom’ and I found out it was actually available.

So what does it actually stand for? Well, I was thinking I wanted something with the word bloom in it. Just because I think it is a beautiful and positive word and it also goes well with one of the subjects on this blog; plants. I mean, plants has become such a big thing in my life and I’ve been also making more and more content about it. So yeah I think it’s only right to go for a name that fits me in that way. And I also absolutely love flowers. I had almost given up on using the word bloom in my new name because I couldn’t come up with anything that sounded nice, or that was available. In a last attempt to get some creative juice flowing I opened up my Spotify and went through my library looking at song titles. I stumbled upon the song In My Blood by Shawn Mendes. One of my fave songs by one of my fave artists. And then it just clicked; In My Bloom. I love that the name now has a music reference. Which is perfect considering music is also an important subject on this blog.

Obviously there’s one other big subject on this blog, which is of course books. Even though the word books is not in the name anymore, I’m still going to be writing about books naturally. And I figured the name In my bloom was vague enough for me to also write about books.

Besides the name change everything will basically stay the same. Well, I’ve also changed the design of this blog a little bit. Some font changes, colour changes etc. Nothing major. But I think it looks a bit fresher now.

What do you think of my name change?

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  1. Avatar
    April 2, 2019 / 08:38

    Looks just perfect and i’m loving the new name!
    Looking forward to your future content 🙂

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