Inspiration for the Booktober Challenge

As you may or may not know my friend Simone (@LeafingThroughTime) and I are hosting a Bookstagram challenge in October, which is starting TOMORROW – can’t believe how quickly September has gone by. We would absolutely love it if you’d join us in this challenge. Since it is in October, the challenge will be very autumnal and Halloweenish. Hence why I thought it would be a good idea to give you some inspiration today.

There is a new prompt every single day. So 31 photos in total. Now if you’re super busy and you’re thinking I can not do that. Don’t stress. Maybe you can just do the ones you really like or whenever you have the time. If you do want to do the whole thing though, yay! We’re excited to see everybody’s picture.

Sometimes it might be difficult to find inspiration for a challenge like this. But don’t worry I’ve got you covered! Firstly, a word of advice;

Props, props, props! If you want to create an autumnal feed props are your best friend. Think pumpkins, leaves, conkers, fairylights, cozy blankets, mugs of tea etc. etc. I could go on forever. The stores are filled now with all sorts of stuff that would go great with a fall/Halloween theme.

Secondly; I’ve assembled some of my own pictures from last year, and also a lot of pictures from other lovely bookstagrammers:

My own pictures

Other people’s pictures

My oh my, so many stunning pictures. I really love fall season on Bookstagram (and in real life as well…) I hope these beautiful pictures from all these lovely bookstagrammers have inspired you for your own fall feed. I am definitely excited to start taking autumnal pictures right this second – too bad it’s night time…

Are you going to participate in #Booktober18?

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