Monthly Playlist: September & October

I’m so late with this playlist, well two actually cause I’m combining two months ago. But I still wanted to post this, because some really amazing music has been released in the last two months. So here you go, my playlist(s) for September & October!


First up September! One of my favourite songs that month was definitely Carry Me Away by John Mayer. He is one of my favourite artists and everything he releases is just great, so is this song. I’d describe this as the perfect Sunday morning song.

Another song I’ve been loving is Letting Go by Dotan. His second song since his comeback and it’s – again – a smasher. There is just something about his voice and his style of making music that I love. I hope he’ll bring out an album soon.

My third favourite of September was Don’t Call Me Angel by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey. This is the soundtrack for the new Charlie’s Angels movie. I just really like the song. I mean it’s Ari, so how could I not…


Moving onto the more exciting month of the two… October. Coldplay released new music, FINALLY! I think I even mentioned it once or twice in the last couple of years that I was hoping for new music from them. I mean, it’s been years, way too long if you ask me. But they’re back and I couldn’t be more excited about the new album; Everyday Life, that will come out on the 22nd of November (which is only two days away when I’m writing this). They released two singles in October; Orphans and Arabesque. I love both, but Orphans is definitely the one that will get stuck in your head. Arabesque is a little more alternative I guess, but I do really love that one too.

Then another really exciting comeback… Harry Styles. I absolutely loved his solo music and it’s been a while since that first beautiful album. But he is also releasing a new album soon (December 13th) and in October he brought out the first single; Lights Up. It’s a little different than the first album, a bit more poppy I guess, but I do really like it. It has a catchy tune, a very nice bass and I love that the lyrics are about being yourself. Can’t wait for the album!

I’ve also been listening a lot to Elbow‘s new album; Giants of All Sizes. I actually got this on vinyl for my Birthday and it is the perfect album to have on vinyl. I love Elbow, they’re so different to everything else I listen to. This album is amazing, my favourites are White Noise White Heat, Empires and Dexter & Sinister.

The last song I want to mention is Love Don’t Hate It by Duncan Laurence. His second sing after his Eurovision winning Arcade. Obviously, some big shoes to fill… but I do really love the song. It’s a bit more uptempo then Arcade which I love.

What have you been listening to?

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