My Christmassy winter gallery wall

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I did my room make-over. I still really really love it. Especially my gallery wall and all the other frames I have around my room. I love that I can switch up the posters whenever I feel like it. In October I swapped all of my prints out for autumnal ones, and now I’ve gone ahead and done it again, this time with Christmassy winter prints! I’ve never done Christmas decor as well as I have this year. I’ve got a beautiful new Christmas tree, a lovely Scandinavian paper Christmas star in front of my window and loads more new cute stuff. But the posters do really finish it off. Poster Store has an amazing collection of winter posters right now and I feel incredibly lucky to work with them yet again.

It was very hard to choose from this collection. All of them are really pretty, but I must say I’m very happy with what I went for. Snow is the keyword with these posters. And honestly, seeing all of these I just really long for some proper snow. Here in The Netherlands we hardly ever get snow, and when we do it’s usually only a little bit that turns into slippery dirty mud within hours. I would love some real snow, but I guess we’re out of luck with the climate changing and all. At least this way I can have a little bit of that winter wonderland feel in my room.

I think my favourite has to be the reindeer one. I just think reindeers are so incredibly beautiful. I also really love the big snowy Christmas tree one. Well, to be honest, I love them all. But if I had to pick favourites, those would be the ones for sure! I’ll truly be sad once I need to switch these out again, although I could just leave them up after Christmas since they are winter prints. Anyhow, it will be exciting to be putting them up again next year!

All the posters I got:

Winter Reindeer
Winter Valley
Christmas Car
Snowy Fir
Frozen Lake
Gateway to Wonderland
Winter Village

Would you like to get some new posters? Then I may have something for you. If you use my discount code ohmykerst you’ll get 35% off of all posters (excluding selection posters) until the 20th of January! Isn’t that amazing?! Now obviously they have a lot more to choose then just these winter ones. I really think they have something for everyone.

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