My favourite ‘Planttubers’

You probably know by now how much I love plants. I mean, I changed my Insta to ‘ohmybooksandplants‘ and I’ve got a whole post up about why I love plants. Since I’ve been getting more and more into plants I’ve also discovered the wonderful world of planty videos on YouTube. I probably watch multiple plant-related videos every single day. So… I wanted to share my fave ‘planttubers’ with you.

Sharina Tallada

Sharina is definitely one of my faves. She has such a unique personality and her videos are always nice to watch. I mostly enjoy her plantshopping videos. Also, I find it super hilarious that she calls people who love plants her ‘plomies’ (as in homies).

Becca De La Plants

Becca is so sweet! I love watching her videos. I feel like hers are always really laid back and chill. I like all of her videos, but my faves are definitely the ones where she justs repots some plants and chats a bit. Those are so relaxing to watch!

Harli G

I love plantshopping videos and Harli G is very good at them. She always gets so excited! She makes loads of different types of videos. From chatty videos – even with ghost stories – to plant care tips. This girl does it all!


I’ve never seen anyone with a more impressive plant collection than Planterina! She is my go-to when it comes to plant care tips. I feel like she basically knows everything about every plant. She’s amazing! Her videos are also really in-depth and quite long, which I quite like!

Kaylee Ellen

Amongst all these US planttubers I’ve got one girl from the UK on my list; Kaylee Ellen. I feel like her channel is probably one of the most up and coming ones on YouTube right now. She started making videos recently, but her channel is already going through the roof. Rightly so! She’s mostly known for her Rare plant index videos where she talks about rare plants in a specific plant family. Those are very interesting! She also recently opened up her own online rare plant store – The Rare Plant Shop, if you’re interested you should check that out as well. I feel like Kaylee is your go-to planttuber if you’re into rare plants!

Jolene Foliage

Last but certainly not least we have Jolene Foliage. She has such a bubbly and happy personality and it makes her videos fun to watch. She is also a fairly new planttuber and she is just killing it! She does loads of different types of videos and I love to watch all of them.

Please go and check out all of these lovely ladies! They really make fantastic content and I can not wait for new videos from all of them. This is probably also what is fueling my plant addiction even more… oh well! Do you watch planty videos on YouTube? I’d love your recommendations too!


  1. Avatar August 30, 2019 / 07:13

    I will definitely have to check some of these out — I absolutely love plants and love to find some plant inspiration ♥

    • Lisanne
      September 4, 2019 / 12:11

      Please do! They’re all great! ♥

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