Netflix tips for a rainy day

Ok, so let’s face it; Netflix is always a good idea. Winter, summer, autumn or spring… but come on, rainy days are just another great excuse to put on the big N, am I right?! I might be a little addicted to Netflix, I mean who isn’t these days? – And HALLELUJAH for watching movies without annoying commercial breaks… Anyhow, lately, I’ve seen some really good films and shows, so I figured I should probably share them with you guys.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

This is probably the most obvious one, and there’s quite a big chance that you’ve already seen this or at least heard about it. But I just couldn’t write this blogpost without including it! I absolutely loved the movie. I can’t really compare it to the book, because I read the book years ago and my memory is just not that good. But I might reread it soon to see if I still feel the same. But honestly, this movie made me feel so good. It’s such an uplifting nice movie. And I may have gotten a little crush on Noah Centineo because of the movie…

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

Another – slightly less but still – obvious one is Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. I heard about this one on Instagram and when I found out Noah Centineo is in this one as well, I just had to see it. And what can I say… this movie is epic! I love everything about it. The story is just great and very relatable. Again, another movie that made me feel really good after watching it. Also, I love love love the song that’s in this movie; Sunflower. It even made me tear up!

Set It Up

You know those nights when you’re scrolling through Netflix, trying to find something you might like. Set It Up came around and it sounded OK, but there wasn’t really anything else I wanted to watch so I just put it on and I ended up loving it. Two employees from different companies in the same building scheme together to get their bosses to hook up and then lots of things happen… It’s a super predictable movie, but I still liked it. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a fun, happy, predictable, romantic comedy. And that is exactly what this is.

The Kissing Booth

This movie is your typical lovie-dovie high school film. Girl meets boy type thing. Very very predictable. But it is one of those movies you just put on, you don’t have to think about anything, and it is just nice. It gives you that ‘feel good’ vibe afterwards.

Good Girls

If you’re up for something completely ridiculous but totally hilarious, Good Girls is the show for you. I was bored one night and just randomly clicked on this. Well, I watched the whole season in like one and a half day… That’s how obsessed I got. Bingewatched the whole thing, and now I’m sad I’m going to have to wait super long for a second season. It starts off with three 40+ moms who rob a bank and because of that get themselves in loads of troublesome situations.


For a slightly weird, but very funny TV show, I’d recommend Sisters. This is about a woman who finds out her dad has used his own sperm in “In Vitro Fertilization” procedures. All of a sudden she has over a hundred brothers and two sisters. It’s a very strange show, but it is so enjoyable to watch and I really hope there’s going to be a second season.


Another freaking movie with Noah Centineo in it… yup. It seems he’s everywhere these days. This might have been the reason I put this film on in the first place, not gonna lie. But it’s a fun one that mostly takes place on the beach, it has a love story (multiple actually) and it involves surfing. Another fun movie where you don’t really have to think.

What have you been watching lately?

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