The never ending reading slump

‘Just one more chapter’ says my favourite mug, well I wish that would be true right now. It’s more like the opposite though. It almost seems like I don’t know how to read anymore. I’ve been in a reading slump for ages now, literally months, and I had the hope that the new year, new goals feeling would get me out. But it hasn’t happened, and to be honest I am at a dead end.

My reading slump started quite early on last year, I think in April. Ever since then I hardly read any books. And I just don’t understand why, and I don’t understand why it takes so bloody long. In April I read no books, in May I just read one, and the rest of the months of the year it varied from zero to 2. Not counting August, when I participated in my own readathon (the OhMyBookathon) and read four. That was also the moment I thought the reading slump was finally gone. That turned out to be nothing but a dream since I read nothing in September.

I feel like the whole of 2017, except for the first three months, has been one big reading slump. And I absolutely hate it! I love reading, I really do, so why can’t I just read? What’s wrong with me? I think the biggest problem is actually picking up a book. When I’m invested in a story and I like the book, it’s fine. But from opening the book till about 100 pages it just doesn’t work. This week I really wanted to read, I decided I wanted to start 2018 with Renegades by Marissa Meyer. It’s been lying on my bedside table all week. I even had two or three nights were I went to bed, put on my reading light, grabbed the book and then ended up just not opening it and doing other stuff. WHY?!

*Update… I started this blogpost a couple of days ago. But now there seems to be some kind of development. Yesterday night I actually picked up a book and I read some more this morning. HALLELUJAH. Hopefully, this isn’t false hope again, but the real deal. Hopefully, this means I can finally leave this big ass reading slump behind me. By the way, I started reading Renegades, the Dutch version called Alter Ego actually, and so far I really like it. But I’m only 60 pages is, so we’ll see how it goes.

Has anybody else ever had a reading slump as big as this one? How did you get out of it? All tips are more than welcome!


  1. Avatar January 7, 2018 / 18:37

    When I have a reading slump, it really helps me to read one of my favorite books. In my case thats ‘The Selection-series’ or the Peculiar books from Ransom Riggs. Because they make me realise why I love reading so much en give me a boost to start reading again. I know everyone gives this tip, but for me it is one of the only things that work. Good luck with your reading slump although 🙂 I hope you can read again soon, because it’s not really funny when you love reading and you have like a reading slump.

  2. Avatar January 7, 2018 / 21:38

    I don’t remember having a reading slump, really. Of course I do have days I don’t want to read, but as soon as I have to take the train: READING LIKE A BOSS.

  3. Avatar January 7, 2018 / 22:25

    When I found out I was pregnant with my third little girl I fell into a reading slump. That was about July 2016…..I’m finally crawling out of it now. I just embraced it and read when I felt like it and didn’t when I didn’t feel like it. Good luck getting out of your slump.

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