Join my December Instagram challenge; the #OhMyBookmasChallenge

This December I’m hosting an Instagram challenge. I love challenges, they really help me put out content every single day and it’s also very helpful if you don’t know what kind of content you’d like to create. I’ve participated in a couple of challenges now, and I absolutely love them. I honestly don’t think that my account would be what it is today if it weren’t for those challenges. So, why don’t host one myself?! Obviously, the month I want to do this is December, I’m a Christmas junkie, so it makes perfect sense. I did it last year, but back then I just got into Bookstagram. This year has to be better, and I hope a lot of you are going to join.

I’ve created a challenge for every single day in December, most of them Christmas related. So, if you want to give your Bookstagram a Christmas feel to it, this might be the thing for you! If you participate you are not obligated to post every single day! I want to be very clear about that. It has to be something fun, and I don’t want to pressure anyone. If you’re up for participating only a couple of days, that is absolutely fine. If you do want to participate every single day, that is fine as well. If you do, make sure to use the hashtag #OhMyBookmasChallenge. That way you can also see everyone else’s pictures.

I really hope a lot of you are going to join me. I for one can’t wait to get going with these. Also, I’ve already written a blogpost on how to make your Bookstagram Christmassy, that will be up on the first of December, just in time for the challenge.

December is a busy month for a lot of people. Piling an Instagram challenge on top of that might be difficult. But, don’t worry you can still do it… just create your photos in advance. Got a free Sunday afternoon? Take a bunch of pictures and you’re all set for the coming days. You only have to post them.

Ps. If you’re going to participate, it would be great if you spread the word. The more the merrier! Also, I’m trying to organise some giveaways as well. So there might be some nice gifts involved.

Are you going to participate in the #OhMyBookmasChallenge?


  1. Avatar November 20, 2017 / 16:46

    Although it’s hard to make pictures now because of the horrible weather, I’d love to join your challenge! It seems like a lot of fun so count me in! 😀

    • Lisanne
      November 20, 2017 / 16:56

      That is definitely true! I’m so glad I took some pictures for this week Yesterday when the sun was shining haha. And yay for joining!

  2. Avatar November 21, 2017 / 18:10

    I cant wait!

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