Little cuties from Online Babyplants

Via Instagram I found a little webshop called Online Babyplants, and as their name suggests they sell tiny cute babyplants online. I was immediately intrigued and ended up placing an order. I had been looking for a Monstera Monkey Mask, and found one at my local garden centre. But it was super big and I really don’t have space for that. So I went home a bit sad because I really wanted that plant. It is like the little baby sister of the Monstera Deliciosa that I love so much. I guess you can understand my excitement when I found the Monkey Mask plant on this webshop. I couldn’t resist getting some other babies as well and two days later they literally fell on my doormat. I was pretty excited to see how they arrived, going through the mail and all…

The plants come in this recyclable plastic package which perfectly fits three of these little plants. If you don’t want to make a big mess, you do need to be careful when opening these, otherwise, you get soil everywhere. The package also came with a little note telling me I had to open the package asap and put these babies in water for ten minutes. So that is exactly what I did, after which I potted them. I got a Monstera Monkey Mask – or a Monstera Adansonii, an Alocasia Polly and a Begonia Maculata.

I’ve put them all in small terracotta pots. I just think it looks really cool. And terracotta makes it harder to overwater them, which is great since I tend to do that sometimes. The pots are quite small, but I can always repot them if necessary. We’ll just have to see how quickly these are going to grow.

I had actually already finished this blogpost, but then I got some more babyplants… So I decided to put these in the blogpost as well. The first one I got is a Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma; jeez, that’s quite the mouthful. I don’t think I’m ever going to remember that name, but the plant is lovely. It looks a little bit like a Monstera and it is actually a climbing plant. I love it, again this one also came in good condition.

The second one I got is the Alocasia Zebrina. I wanted this one, but it was sold out. So I was very happy when I got a ‘back in stock’ notification. This one is a bit bigger, so the shipping costs are a little bit higher if you order this one. Just because it has to be shipped in a bigger box. Fine by me! Because it is already a little bit bigger then the other baby plants, I’ve put it in a bigger pot. This one came in good condition, some of the leaves were a bit yellow though. I hope that goes away over time. But what I love about this particular plant is the stems. They have such a beautiful pattern!

I’m very pleased with all of these and I hope they’re going to do well. I also really like this whole concept of getting baby plants to grow yourself. It’s nice for people who want to grow their own plants, but also for people like me who don’t have a lot of space for big ass plants. I do feel that the prices are a bit high, especially combined with the shipping costs. You pay around 4/5 euros per baby plant. But I just couldn’t resist. The shipping was nice and fast though. Also, Online Babyplants is a Dutch company but they ship all throughout Europe!

What do you think of my new plant babies?



  1. Avatar August 22, 2018 / 08:47

    Oh deze zijn echt leuk zeg!

  2. Avatar August 23, 2018 / 17:47

    Ah how cute! I really want an actual plant in my room, but I’m not the best at keeping them alive so I just have a bunch of artificial ones…

  3. Avatar August 28, 2018 / 20:45

    They’re so cute and small! I wonder how long it will take before you’ll have to repot them?

    I once bought a pretty young Monstera Deliciosa at Wildernis in Amsterdam because I wanted to support an independent plant shop rather than the big garden centers but it’s still quite small. It’s not growing as fast I was hoping, but it’s still fun to see new leaves unfold. I’m scared I’ll leave it in its pot for too long before I repot to a bigger one…

    Have you read Het Plantenlab? 🙂

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