Review: Iskari, De Laatste Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli

*I received this book for an honest review

It’s been a long time since I read a proper fantasy book, the last one being Winter by Marissa Meyer and that was in August. So it was about time! Iskari is a book where I was a little bit unsure about. I thought I’m either not going to like it all, or it is going to surprise me greatly. I wanted to see which one it would be and so I read the book. I can already tell you, it became the latter…

I received this book from the lovely publisher Blossom Books and they also invited me to actually meet Kristen Ciccarelli in person. How cool is that?! Kristen came to The Netherlands, just as a holiday. But she was so nice to do bloggers meet up and a signing in a bookstore. It was very nice to meet her and to get a lot more insight into the book. She also signed my book. So I feel like a very lucky person.

Stunning cover

Also, I just need to point out the Dutch cover. I think it is absolutely gorgeous. And it’s so very different from the original cover. I feel like this one suits the book way more than the English one. And you also get a special surprise, the book comes with a stunning poster on the inside of the dustjacket. How cool is that!


Vivid, original and dragons

Onto the book itself… The story definitely gripped me right from the start. The world in which this takes place was described very vividly and it also felt like something different than what I’ve read before. And I loved the fact that dragons are such a big part of the story. To be honest, I haven’t read that many books involving dragons before.

Pure hatred…

The characters in this book are amazing. Asha is a very fierce woman that struggles with a lot. And then you’ve got the absolute worst character, Jarek, her betrothed. He really gave me the chills, such an evil and horrible character. And as much as I hated him and wanted to kill him, he did make the book more interesting. And then there is another character that I hated so so much, can’t tell who that is since I don’t want to spoil the book. But if you’ve read it, you’ll know exactly who I mean.

This book is action-packed, it’s mysterious, it makes you think about stuff and it has twists and turns that will take you aback. I can only conclude that this is a magnificent book that left me wanting more. If you’re in need of a proper fantasy book, that is a bit more original then you should definitely check this one out. And if you’re Dutch I would definitely get the Dutch version of this book, also because you get the poster.

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