Review: Kobo Clara HD E-reader

As you may know, I’m a big fan of e-reading. I just think it is so handy. I got my first e-reader quite some years back when the e-reader wasn’t as popular yet. My first initial thought was what a stupid idea to read electronically. But eventually I caved in, got myself an e-reader and I have been addicted ever since. The first one I got was a Kobo, which I loved, and I have used four different Kobo e-readers since my first e-reader. So I think I’m quite the Kobo veteran. They now have a new version: the Clara HD, and I got the chance to test it out.

Perfect size e-reader for travellers


I was a little bit apprehensive about this one because it is their smallest e-reader yet. It’s only 6 inch! I have the Kobo Aura ONE, which is their biggest one with 7,8 inch. That’s quite a difference. So I was afraid that I would find the Clara HD way too small. But honestly, the opposite is true. I actually quite like the size of it. It took me some getting used to, but now I really love how small this is. It does mean that you have to flip the page more often which is not a big issue for me. The size of this thing makes it absolutely perfect for those who want to use their e-reader while travelling. It is so small and light to bring around with you. It easily fits into every bag and doesn’t take up any space at all. Perfect! If that is one of the things that’s important to you I think the Clara HD might be the e-reader for you.

Comfort light


Another thing I really like about the Clara HD is the comfort light option. My Aura ONE has it as well and I think it is great Kobo is adding this feature to newer e-readers now as well. What this does is basically warm up the lighting on the page. So instead of a blue tone, you can turn it into a red/orange shade. As much or little as you want. I love this, and I use it quite a lot. I read at night mostly and this function is perfect for the evening. It’s better for your eyes and makes it nicer to read.

Flawless design


As I’m very much used to from Kobo, this e-reader looks great. It has a wonderful design with a nice pattern on the back that makes it a lot easier to hold the e-reader and have some grip. It doesn’t look much different from any other Kobo e-reader. But I quite like that they stick to the same design with just some minor differences. It just looks good, classic and the quality is very good. It’s a sturdy e-reader, it doesn’t feel like cheap material. One thing that is different though on the Clara HD – and the one thing I do not like – is the on/off button. It is positioned on the bottom of the e-reader and I personally find that quite annoying. I just can not get used to it. But if that’s all, I guess it’s fine right?!

Nice reading experience


The Clara HD has all the functions you’ll need on an e-reader packaged in the – by now well known – Kobo interface. I think it works really handy. Everything is there. You can change the font, you can change the size of the letters, margins and all that jazz. You can buy e-books straight on the device, you can read articles you’ve saved with Pocket. All in all, it is just a very functional e-reader.

I really like this Clara HD e-reader. I didn’t expect to, because when I first read about it I just thought I was going to dislike the small size of it. But it has surprised and I actually think the small size is the big selling point on this Kobo, alongside the comfort light. I would definitely recommend this e-reader!

Do you have an e-reader?

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