Review: Zwartspreuk (Spellcaster) by Claudia Gray

Review: Zwartspreuk (Spellcaster) by Claudia GrayZwartspreuk by Claudia Gray
Series: Spellcaster #1
Published by HarperCollins Young Adult on September 26th 2017
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback

When Nadia’s family moves to Captive’s Sound, she instantly realizes there’s more to it than meets the eye. Descended from witches, Nadia senses a dark and powerful magic at work in her new town. Mateo has lived in Captive’s Sound his entire life, trying to dodge the local legend that his family is cursed - and that curse will cause him to believe he’s seeing the future … until it drives him mad. When the strange dreams Mateo has been having of rescuing a beautiful girl—Nadia—from a car accident come true, he knows he’s doomed.

Despite the forces pulling them apart, Nadia and Mateo must work together to break the chains of his family’s terrible curse, and to prevent a disaster that threatens the lives of everyone around them.

*I received this book for an honest review

I love the Firebird trilogy by Claudia Gray, like a lot. Therefore I was really excited to read something else by this author. Spellcaster has been out for a while now but has only recently been published here in The Netherlands. The publisher was so kind to send me a copy.

Got me out of my reading slump

Before I go into the review, you have to know that I had a really really big reading slump before reading this book. As in, I didn’t read a book in about two months. Whatever I picked up, nothing seemed to really hold my attention. Then I got send this book, and I had a feeling that this could be the one to get me out of that horrible slump. This book is about magic, and I thought that would be just the kind of book I needed and I was in the mood for. I was right! I didn’t finish it as quick as I normally would, but I did finish it within a couple of days, which felt like such a victory.

I can be very short about this book. I loved it! I know there are some mixed feeling about this one, more so than with the Firebird books, but I really enjoyed it. I loved the world it was set in, I loved the characters, and I especially loved the mystery and the magic.


I feel like Claudia Gray is a master in worldbuilding. She was great at it in the Firebird books and she is great at it in this one. Captive’s Sound, the little town where Nadia moves, was described in a vivid way. The mystery that surrounds the town, the people that live in it and how that all fits together. I absolutely loved this little town as the setting of the book.

‘Realistic’ witches

What I also loved is that fact that this book is about witches. Nadia is a witch. It felt real though because sometimes you have these books with the more cartoon-like image of a witch and that just doesn’t always feel right. In Spellcaster it is a bit more realistic. No brooms, no witches hats, just a normal girl that can do not so normal things.


I loved the story. It sucked me in right from the start and it didn’t let go. I ended up reading through the night because I just had to know what would happen and had to finish it. It’s a real pageturner, one of those books that you just can’t put down.

If you’re looking for a magical read, Spellcaster could be the book for you! I’m very excited about it and I can’t wait till the second book comes out here in The Netherlands. Also, just look at that gorgeous Dutch cover. It doesn’t happen often, but in this case, I think the Dutch cover is actually better than the original.



  1. Avatar
    November 4, 2017 / 08:41

    Nice review! I am really curious about this book, I really enjoyed reading the Firebird trilogy! <3

    • Lisanne
      November 5, 2017 / 15:29

      Thanks! And yeah I can definitely recommend it 🙂

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