The book that almost got me in a reading slump again..

January was such a good reading month for me, I finished 5 books. Which to some of you might not seem as much, but to me it definitely. is. They were also 5 books that I thoroughly enjoyed, every single one of them. February – so far – has been very different. I started this book which I thought I’d read in like a day since it is so short, well it’s now the 19th and I have just finished it… Didn’t read anything else yet. 2019 was the year that I would describe as one big reading slump, this year I want it to be different. This book did not help as it almost got me into a reading slump again…

The book I’m talking about is My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite. It was part of the Zoella Book Club and that is honestly why I picked it up. It sounded really interesting, and since I’m so into thrillers and mystery right now I thought it would be a good read for me. Well, that turned out different then I expected. I do not get this book at all… It left me with a feeling of ‘what the hell have I just read’. I didn’t like the characters, the plot, honestly nothing. I ended up giving it a 1-star rating on Goodreads. Now I don’t usually give low ratings, at all. I thought I had never given a 1-star rating before, but it turns out I have… only twice though. If you go to my Goodreads you’ll mostly see high ratings. Honestly, that’s because if I don’t like a book I usually just DNF it. In this case, however, as it was so short, I thought let’s just finish it. Also in the hope of it getting better. But in the end, I just really disliked this book and I couldn’t give it any more stars. Now I would like to stress that this is just my personal opinion. I’m not trying to hate on the author or throw shade. Loads of people actually really love this book, I guess this book is just not for me. So don’t be put off by me disliking it, because you may end up loving it.

These last two weeks have been shitty when it comes to reading. I started this book, but I found it hard to pick it back up. And I like to read one book at a time, so I didn’t really want to read anything else until I had finished this. Every time I got my e-reader out, determined to read it, but almost every time I got distracted… put on some Netflix or YouTube instead because I just wasn’t feeling this book at all. That’s not what reading should feel like, like a chore. I probably should have DNF’ed it and just moved on. The one thing I’m dreading is getting into another reading slump and damn this was a near miss. I can not tell you how relieved I am to have finally finished this book. I just hope the next book I pick up will be amazing again. I do have high hopes since I’m picking up the book club pick for the month; Serpent & Dove. I’m very excited about this one!

Which book (almost) got you in a reading slump?



  1. Avatar February 20, 2020 / 05:49

    Oh, jammer. Ik heb ook al heel veel positiefs over dit boek gehoord, maar ben we er wel van bewust dat booktube & bookstagram hypes soms niet voor mij zijn. Helaas ook aan de lijve ondervonden 😉
    En ja, boeken opzij leggen, dat blijf ik ook moeilijk vinden. En dan zeker voor boeken die anderen zo lyrisch maakt.
    Hopelijk is je volgende boek een voltreffer!

    • Lisanne
      February 21, 2020 / 13:19

      Volgens mij is dit zo’n boek waar je of helemaal lyrisch over bent, of het vreselijk vindt… in dit geval behoor ik dus tot de laatste groep. Ach ja, niet ieder boek kan voor iedereen zijn toch 🙂 En ik hoop het ook ja!

  2. Avatar February 20, 2020 / 16:10

    I’ve been avoiding My Sister, The Serial Killer for this reason! It’s so hyped up that I worry I might not like it and then fall into a slump! The Starless Sea slumped me a little, just because it was so long and not as amazing as I thought it would be.

  3. Avatar February 21, 2020 / 18:34

    An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. I wanted to like something about it – but really didn’t like it. I didn’t like the characters, the story was sad and depressing, and it just left me feeling hopeless.

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