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I’ve been playing around with this idea to start a book club for a while now. And today I can finally announce that I’m actually doing it. This year I really genuinely want to read more. Not so much to be able to have a nice number of books at the end of the year on my Goodreads challenge, but because I feel like I’ve been missing out. Last year I didn’t read that many books, 11 to be exact. My worst reading year so far… And I’m sad about it because reading is one thing that I enjoy so so much. I love the feeling of being completely sucked into a fictional world. For me last year the problem was to actually pick up a book. Because once I’m in, I’m in you know. So this year is all about just picking up that damn book! I think this book club will come in handy when it comes to that. Because a book club is like one big buddy read and I feel like when you’re reading a book together you’ll pick it up easier.

Now I do want to stress that I want this book club to have no pressure what so ever. It will be very laidback. I’ll pick a book each month (or you guys can pick a book) and then we’ll discuss it on the 1st of the next month. So January’s book will be discussed on the 1st of February. After that I’ll announce the next book, and so on. This book club will mostly take place on Instagram. I’ll make templates each month that you can use to talk about the book. It would also be nice if you could use the hashtag #ohmybookclub when you post anything about the book, so we can all find each other and talk to each other about the book we’re reading that month.

Again, no pressure. If you don’t like the book for that month, or you’ve already read it, or you’re just really busy that’s totally OK. You don’t need to participate every single month, you can if you want to.

The books for this book club will be either English or Dutch. My Instagram and blog are both in English, but I’m still Dutch and many of you are Dutch as well. So I will aim to pick books that have a Dutch translation as well, so many of you can join in. Sometimes it might happen that a book gets picked that doesn’t have a Dutch translation, I will try to keep these pick to a minimum though. It also might happen that I’ll pick a specific Dutch translation for that month because it comes out in The Netherlands that month for example. But obviously, that book will have an English original so everyone can participate.

January’s book club pick

So, without further ado… The first pick of the book club is The Lost Night by Andrea Bartz. This thriller is this author’s debut novel and it’s supposed to be really good. It is even being developed for TV by Mila Kunis which I find quite exciting. I figured this would be a good first book. I can’t wait to start reading it!


What really happened the night Edie died? Ten years later, her best friend Lindsay will learn how unprepared she is for the truth.

In 2009, Edie had New York’s social world in her thrall. Mercurial and beguiling, she was the shining star of a group of recent graduates living in a Brooklyn loft and treating the city like their playground. When Edie’s body was found near a suicide note at the end of a long, drunken night, no one could believe it. Grief, shock, and resentment scattered the group and brought the era to an abrupt end.

A decade later, Lindsay has come a long way from the drug-addled world of Calhoun Lofts. She has devoted best friends, a cozy apartment, and a thriving career as a magazine’s head fact-checker. But when a chance reunion leads Lindsay to discover an unsettling video from that hazy night, she starts to wonder if Edie was actually murdered—and, worse, if she herself was involved. As she rifles through those months in 2009—combing through case files, old technology, and her fractured memories—Lindsay is forced to confront the demons of her own violent history to bring the truth to light.

I’m really excited about this book club and I hope you are as well! As I said, most of it will take place on Instagram, but I will be posting a full review of each book here on the blog! This first book will be discussed on Instagram on the 1st of February. So let’s get reading!


  1. Avatar January 14, 2020 / 18:30

    I would love to participate! If possible, may I also write about this book club journey via my own blog? I can’t wait to participate, and I love the idea of book clubs – it introduces books to my shelf that I normally wouldn’t even consider. It’s also a personal goal of mine to diversify my bookshelf, so I think this is a great opportunity! Looking forward to reading together 🙂

    • Lisanne
      January 14, 2020 / 18:37

      Thank you for your enthusiasm! I’m so happy you’re participating. And of course you can write about it, I would love that! 🙂

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