Why I love plants

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Someone asked me earlier this week why exactly I love plants. And strangely enough, I didn’t have an answer ready right away. And it made me think… Why do I love plants? You all must have noticed how over the last couple of months I got more and more into plants. My tiny collection has now grown to something pretty sufficient. I own around 50 plants right now, and keep in mind I still live with my parents so I only have a tiny room to keep them in. Yes, you are allowed to call me a crazy plant lady at this point!

But there is just something about it. I guess I have plants for decorational purposes. I mean, they just look good. Period. Previously my room was filled with loads of crap, now there’s mostly plants and I like it so much more. In order to properly answer this question though, we need to go back to the beginning. And that is October 2016, for my Birthday a friend gave me a little pancake plant baby. I didn’t manage to keep that alive, unfortunately, but it did spike my love for plants. A couple of weeks after I set out to the garden centre to get myself a full-size pancake plant as I was sad my little baby didn’t make it. At that time they were still a bit hard to come by, so the garden centre didn’t actually have it. I bought a peperomia obtusifolia instead because at that time I thought it looked similar to the pancake plant (it really doesn’t, but hey I was a plant newbie back then). I actually still have that plant and it’s still going strong. Which is kind of a miracle, because over the last couple of year I’ve killed my fair share of plants due to not having any knowledge. But that first plant is still with me.

Soon after that I started getting more plants. Nothing crazy, just a couple. Honestly, it only started getting really crazy somewhere last year. And now I just have a freaking jungle. My brother always makes fun of me, that I need a machete to enter my room. Which is obviously not true, but it is quite full of plants now. When I think back now to when I first started caring for plants I can’t believe how far I’ve come. Over the years I’ve learned so much. Mostly thanks to YouTube, Plantstagram and some very useful Facebook groups.

The thing I love most about plants now I think is seeing them thrive. Especially now, because it is Spring and therefore the growing season. It is just a great feeling when you see your plants doing well and when they give you new growth. I also really enjoy taking care of them and checking on them. It might seem silly, but my idea of a fun Sunday now consists of watering my plants, maybe dusting the leaves, spraying them etc.

I also think the plant community is really fun. Just like in the book community, people are really nice and helpful. I like talking to people online about plants and sharing knowledge. And I definitely enjoy taking pictures of my plant babes and posting them online. I can spend hours watching videos about plants or scrolling through people’s planty Instagram pages. It’s just a whole lot of fun!

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